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New archived fly pollination database summarizes 10,800 records
A new archived pollinator database, made available by Dr. David W. Inouye, summarizes a collection of 10,800 records accumulated by him over the past couple of decades about observations of flies visiting flowers. The archive...

The Biodiversity Data Journal: Readable by humans and machines
The Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ - http://biodiversitydatajournal.com/) and the associated Pensoft Writing Tool (PWT - http://pwt.pensoft.net/), launched on 16th of September 2013, offer several innovations - some of them u...

Article alert: Physiological effects of climate warming on flowering plants and insect pollinators and potential consequences for their interactions
Curr Zool. (2013) 59(3): 418–426.Victoria L. SCAVEN and Nicole E. RAFFERTYGrowing concern about the influence of climate change on flowering plants, pollinators, and the mutualistic interactions between them ...

Article alert: Mating patterns and pollinator mobility are critical traits in forest fragmentation genetics
Heredity (2013) doi:10.1038/hdy.2013.48Breed MF, Ottewell KM, Gardner MG, Marklund MHK, Dormontt EE, Lowe AJMost woody plants are animal-pollinated, but the global problem of habitat fragmentation is changing...

Do agri-environmental schemes benefit insect pollinators?
Science for Environment Policy (2013) Issue 341Agri-environmental schemes (AES) do successfully enhance the number and variety of insect pollinators, research suggests. They are particularly effective when imple...

The COLOSS BEEBOOK now available online and as a hard copy
The unique and innovative "COLOSS BEEBOOK: standard methodologies for Apis mellifera research" was published on 01 September 2013 both online in the Journal of Apicultural Research and as a hard copy book for use at the labor...

Article alert: Global change, biodiversity, and ecosystem services: What can we learn from studies of pollination?
Basic and Applied Ecology (2013) doi: 10.1016/j.baae.2013.07.004Rachael WinfreeThe study of global environmental change and its effect on biodiversity and ecosystem function is at an exciting crossroads, at w...

The Road to Pollinator Health
By Catherine WotekiAgricultural production is a balancing act. On one side is sustainable production of food and biobased products for a growing population. On the other is protecting our natural resources and the e...

Article alert: Biodiversity ensures plant–pollinator phenological synchrony against climate change
Ecology Letters (2013) doi: 10.1111/ele.12170Bartomeus et al.Climate change has the potential to alter the phenological synchrony between interacting mutualists, such as plants and their pollinators. However,...

Job alert: Assistant Professor of Pollinator Health & Sustainability University of Maryland, College Park
The Department of Entomology seeks an Assistant Professor to develop an integrated Extension/Research/Teaching portfolio (40/40/20 split) that addresses the effects of environmental change on pollinators at multiple scales. T...

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