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Job alert: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Integrated Crop Pollination and Pest Management (Pennsylvania State University)
The Pennsylvania State University seeks a Postdoctoral Research Associate to participate in a multidisciplinary, multi-state effort focused on developing resilient and sustainable crop pollination with wild bees (www.icpbees....

Job alert: PhD Position in Insect Ecology (Wurzburg, Germany)
“Timing and phenology shifts in interacting plant – herbivore – predator systems”University of Wurzburg offer a PhD position in insect ecology. The successful candidate will conduct climate chamber experiments m...

Job alert: Two PhD positions in wild bee ecology (Wurzburg, Germany)
“Timing of seasonal activity in wild bee – plant interactions”In the framework of the recently approved, DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre 1047 on Insect timing: mechanisms, plasticity and interactions Un...

Job alert: PhD position in honeybee ecology (Würzburg, Germany)
“Timing of colony phenology and foraging activity in honeybees”In the framework of the recently approved, DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre 1047 on Insect timing: mechanisms, plasticity and interactions U...

"Pollinators go silent!" clip released
Pollination is an essential ecosystem service, vital to the maintenance both of wild plant communities and agricultural productivity. Pollination services depend on both domesticated and wild pollinator populations, and both ...

North American Pollinator Protection Campaign - Call for Research Proposals Related to Honey Bee Health
The North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) is seeking proposals for research related to improving the health of honey bees. Summaries of previously funded projects can be found at http://www.pollinator.org/hon...

Job alert: Evolution of Genomic Islands through Plant-Pollinator Interactions (University of East Anglia, UK)
Two species of Antirrhinum, A. striatum and A. pseudomajus, form natural hybrid zones in the Pyrenees. Genome scans reveal an island of genomic divergence between the species of about 100kb around a region that encodes two lo...

Article alert: The Prevalence of Parasites and Pathogens in Asian Honeybees Apis cerana in China
PLoS ONE 7(11): e47955. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047955Li J, Qin H, Wu J, Sadd BM, Wang X, et al.Pathogens and parasites represent significant threats to the health and well-being of honeybee species that ar...

Job alert: An integrated genetic approach to analysing the spatial ecology of bees and pollen (University of East Anglia, UK)
The student will join an active, well-funded research group with experience of all techniques to be used in the project. He/she will receive training in pollination ecology, entomology, plant biology, population genetics, mic...

Apimondia 2013 - Call for papers
Beyond The Hive: Beekeeping and Global ChallengesThe paper registration for the Scientific Conference that is going to take place during Apimondia Congress 2013 is open. In today’s dynamic and globalized world,...

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