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Article alert: The effects of landscape fragmentation on pollination dynamics: absence of evidence not evidence of absence
Biological Reviews (2011) doi: 10.1111/j.1469-185X.2011.00205.xHadley AS, Betts MGAnimal-mediated pollination is essential for both ecosystem services and conservation of global biodiversity, but a growing bo...

Article alert: Social aspects of biodiversity: creating jobs and sustaining people
Science for Environment Policy, Issue 26A new EU-commissioned report has investigated the social value of biodiversity conservation, particularly in terms of its links to employment. It estimates that 35% of ...

Framework Convention on Climate Change
Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation: compilation of informationThis report contains a compilation of information on ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation. With a synthesis of the state of knowledge on ecosys...

Article alert: The Influence of Climatic Seasonality on the Diversity of Different Tropical Pollinator Groups
PLoS ONE 6(11): e27115. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0027115Abrahamczyk S, Kluge J, Gareca Y, Reichle S, Kessler MTropical South America is rich in different groups of pollinators, but the biotic and abiotic fact...

Article alert: Flower constancy in insect pollinators: Adaptive foraging behaviour or cognitive limitation?
Communicative & Integrative Biology 4(6): 1-4; November/December 2011;Christoph Grüter and Francis L.W. Ratnieks As first noted by Aristotle in honeybee workers, many insect pollinators show a preference...

The pollinator crisis: What's best for bees
Nature 479: 164-165 (2011) | doi:10.1038/479164aSharon LevyPollinating insects are in crisis. Understanding bees' relationships with introduced species could help.Bees thrum among bright red bloss...

Article alert: Evolution of plant–pollinator mutualisms in response to climate change
Evolutionary Applications (2011) | doi: 10.1111/j.1752-4571.2011.00202.xGilman RT, Fabina NS, Abbott KC, Rafferty NEClimate change has the potential to desynchronize the phenologies of interdependent species,...

OECD Survey of Pollinator Testing, Research, Mitigation and Information Management: Survey Results (2010)
This document contains the results of an OECD Survey of Pollinator Testing, Research, Mitigation and Information Management carried out in 2009, the objective of which was to gather information related to pollinator declines,...

Article alert: Plantation vs. natural forest: Matrix quality determines pollinator abundance in crop fields
Scientific Reports 1 (2011), Article number: 132. doi:10.1038/srep00132Hisatomo Taki, Yuichi Yamaura, Kimiko Okabe & Kaoru MaetoIn terrestrial ecosystems, ecological processes and patterns within focal patche...

Job alert: Position on Scientific coordination and management of research activities at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Researc (UFZ)
The Department of Computational Landscape Ecology (CLE) invite applications for a position on Scientific coordination and management of research activities at UFZ in the field of land use options and biodiversity (m/f) to com...

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